Lead from a place that is deeply human.

If you really want to make an impact as a leader, you’ve got to develop an edge by showing up as a human being – not just a human doing.

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Coaching can help you…

Do things that really matter

Live your life on purpose.

Manage the fullness of life with more joy and less stress.

Develop your EQ.

In top leadership positions, Emotional Intelligence is what sets you apart.

Make bold career moves.

Expand your view of what’s possible and navigate career transitions with a learner’s mindset.

Why coaching?

A coach asks deep and meaningful questions to help clients arrive at great answers to the biggest problems and opportunities in their career and life. Coaching involves the identification of goals, the construction of precise action plans around those objectives, and, finally, the achievement of the goals.

Through our coaching sessions, I will work with you to apply proven techniques to identify and accomplish big goals for your career, business, and life. As we continue to work together over a period of months, we will monitor those objectives, adjust them as your needs change, celebrate success with every achievement and continually set higher standards as you progress.

Coaching is not to be confused with mentoring or consulting. Mentors and consultants provide subject matter expertise beyond what a client already knows. Coaches, on the other hand, are not focused on providing advice. Coaches focus on supporting clients in arriving at their own best and appropriate solutions and maintain a forward-looking outlook for a client’s ideal future.

About me...

Adrienne Kortas headshot

A seasoned professional with expertise in leadership development and talent management, I have experience creating and facilitating development programs for executives at Fortune 50 companies. As an executive coach and facilitator, I am regularly sought out as a resource for a range of opportunities - whether a 1:1 coaching engagement, facilitating training or keynoting an event.

Passionate about increasing representation of women in leadership roles, I have come to understand and help female executives cultivate their authentic presence, voice, and leadership vision. And as a wife and mother of three children, and someone who has lost 150+ pounds, I know first-hand the challenges of balancing it all. I have proven strategies for managing the ‘fullness’ of life with less stress and more joy.

Learn more about my specific experience, education, certifications, and endorsements, here.

I work with executives who are…

…managing the fullness of life.

High performing leaders who are mid-career tend to feel the pressure of balancing work demands, nesting, partnering, and raising a family. This is not an endurance race – you have to learn the art of resilience. Coaching can help you live life on purpose, staying aligned to your values – feeling more vitality and joy, and less overwhelmed and obligated.

…making a real impact as a leader in their organization.

You’ve come this far because you are outstanding at what you do. Take your leadership to the next level by becoming known for your emotional intelligence and your ability to connect as a human being, not just a human doing. Build an inclusive, high performing team that’s willing to walk through fire for you.

…ready to make a bold career move.

Whether you are ready to make a big bet or find yourself in the midst of a career transition or start, I can work with you to experiment your way into a new career, mastering the art of learning and unlearning. You will set clear goals, leverage your strengths to overcome obstacles, and develop crucial skills necessary for long term success.

What clients & colleagues say about me...

Adrienne is an outstanding executive coach – a true professional. She expertly leverages a data-driven, yet personal approach to her coaching sessions, which enabled me to connect the dots and realize some of the barriers to my own self-awareness. Adrienne fosters an open, yet confidential, two-way dialogue and her candid feedback and counsel proved to be highly effective. I have already recommended Adrienne to fellow executive colleagues - she has my strongest recommendation.

Vice President, Operations, Amazon

This coaching was absolutely invaluable from a personal and professional standpoint. Prior to working with Adrienne, I didn't have anyone at Amazon that I could open up to about my struggles and challenges. Adrienne gave me a vocabulary and self-reflection tools that were incredibly helpful to assess my opportunity areas. Some weeks, the sessions were the only thing that kept me sane! As a result of working with Adrienne, I am now in a better position to coach my team and achieve a work/life balance.

Director, Marketing, Amazon

Adrienne’s expertise in coaching, leadership development, and outstanding communication and facilitation skills has been beneficial to Amazon culture and numerous individuals. While at the company, she led several collaborative initiatives to develop bar-raising programs that improved leadership across Amazon. She is known for bringing great knowledge and professionalism, infectious enthusiasm, and genuine warmth to every project and personal interaction.

Sr. Manager, Global Talent Management, Amazon

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